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Customer's Perception and Behaviors As A Result of Marketing

Explain some ways that marketing is used to influence customersâ?? perceptions and behaviors in the marketplace. Identify examples from recent marketing campaigns and provide links to examples when possible.

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Marketing is used to influence customers' perceptions and behavior by appealing to consumers in a variety of ways. Emotionally marketing can be used to drive customers to buy a certain brand. Recently P&G released Febreze New Zealand Springs, an air freshener that is said to "create a calm and refreshing ambience and lift the spirits" (http://www.valmg.com/index.php/2011/20110-scour-project-review-febreze-new-zealand-springs-scent/). Most people in North America would be hard pressed to find New Zealand on a map but the look and description of the product inspires them to try this exotic sounding product to freshen their home.

Another example is the car print advertisements, evoking different images and emotions depending on the market the manufacturer is looking to attract. In the case of Audi's recent campaign the ad portrays the image of racecars within the mind of the consumer, allowing him (or her) to dream of driving an Indy type car around town (http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-audi-r8-print-ad-sporty-car-full-of.html). Other ads portray the All-American family of four, safely standing aside their SUV, to influence families to ...

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This solution outlines some ways that marketing is used to influence customer's perceptions and behaviors in the marketplace. Recent marketing campaigns are identified, with links to provide examples.