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Coffee in Japan

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You are the marketing manager for a leading coffee chain. Your company has made the decision to expand internationally, specifically into Japan. What are some of the environmental and economic factors that you will need to consider in marketing your coffee in Japan? What company would you hire to help introduce your product or company to the Japanese market?

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This discussion is on the current market for coffee in Japan. It includes import, competition, and needs information.

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Among the information about coffee in Japan is the fact there are currently many coffee shops in Japan. They are popular and companies like Starbucks have a large presence already in the country. Caffeine and coffee are popular as stimulants for Japanese who work long hours and overtime. There are also vending machine cans of coffee available. There is very limited access to decaffeinated coffee. The Health Ministry places limits on importing coffee that is decaffeinated. Samararin health drinks, used by those who need the ...

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