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    Ad Analysis: Provide an example of an ad - what is the target audience and key message? Is it effective?

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    Select a television, print, billboard, or radio commercial that you can recall within 30 seconds. Describe the ad, identify the target audience and key message(s), and state why you find the ad either effective or non-effective. Be sure to fully explain your rationale for your response.

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    I am attaching a newspaper ad of Sears Optical, that I found to be quite effective. The ad is to attract consumers to Sears Optical shop. The target audience are spectacle users or people that require glasses for corrective vision.

    Please check the attachment for ad and analysis.

    Newspaper ad:

    The above mentioned ad for Sears Optical, a company that deals in spectacles, lenses, etc. is really effective in the sense that this ad conveys everything in minimal words. By asking the viewer to do an impossible task of spotting 1200 differences in the above mentioned picture, the company is trying to convey that literally everyone needs one or the other kind optical product for clear viewing. In other words, it is like an open invitation or challenge to people to either ...

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    This solution provides two print ads, one from Sears Optical and one from Mini Cooper and discusses in 470 words what makes them effective.