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Uncommon e-commerce company customer value proposition

Select an uncommon (avoid well-known) e-commerce company. Visit its Website and describe its business model based on the information you find there. Identify its customer value proposition, its revenue model, the marketplace it operates in, who its main competitors are, any market strategy appears to be. Also try to locate information about the company's management team and organizational structure.

300 words with references. References to each paragraph should be clear.

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I have taken the example of everbank.com. It is a 24*7 online financial services provider. EverBank has 1,500 employees, share a vision to deliver innovative and award-winning products and services of exceptional value. Its management team is headed by Mr. Robert M. Clements who is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Other members of top management are:
* Blake Wilson
President & Chief Financial Officer
* Gary A. Meeks
Vice Chairman
* Michael C. Koster
Executive Vice President
* John S. Surface
Executive Vice President - Corporate Development
* Frank O. Trotter
Executive Vice President
* Doug Woods
Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Business model
It's having ebanking business model and is using the latest e commerce technologies for financial services and giving online services such as banking, home loans, credit cards, currency management, investing ...

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An uncommon e-commerce company is selected and the business model is analyzed. The customer value proposition, revenue model, marketplace it operates, the main competitors and market strategy are found.