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Sales strategies used in the marketing effort

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The sales effort is integral to a successful marketing effort for a marketing firm. Pretend you are the sales manager for a leading packaged goods company. You are launching a new product which will be sold to major mass merchant and grocery chains. What are some sales strategies you would use to sell in your product? What makes a business-to-business sales effort successful? How is the selling to a retailer different that selling to an end user (consumer)?

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With regard to launching a new product, as it relates to mass merchandising and to grocery chains, the strategy would be placement versus quantity. We would want to place the product into all of the known locations in order to gain acceptance by both the retailer and by the ultimate consumer. Strategically then we would want to design a sales plan around placements, around making it easy for the retailer to purchase additional quantities based upon product acceptance (which would necessarily include establishing a maximum discount from case one so that the retailer can gain maximum exposure and provide for maximum earnings from the product). Additionally we would want to offer the retailer help in terms of displaying the product, in terms of point of sale material, in terms of favorable buying conditions (maybe even special credit terms), and the like. We would also want to extend the offer for professional merchandisers to help determine ideal placement, shelf set, and the most practical area of the store for placing the display. In addition, we may want to also offer constant monitoring and help in maintaining not only the display, but also the shelf configuration and the inventory levels.

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