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    Positioning Strategy

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    I work for a printing company (Bridgetown Printing) which has added a mailing dept. I am trying to incorporate this with the assignment below, but am feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to put this together - can you help.

    This is the assignment;

    I am the marketing director of an organization that has both an Internet presence and a physical location.
    - Formulate a 1-page memo to the VP of Marketing proposing a positioning strategy in relation to the company's IMC campagn for a selected product or service.(mailing dept) In the memo be sure to address the following
    Briefy describe the new service (mailing dept)
    Outline the positioning strategy
    Discuss the impact of online and offline buyer characteristics on the positioning strategy.

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    The VP of Marketing,
    Bridgetown Printing
    Dear Sir,
    I hereby propose the positioning strategy in relation to the newly added mailing department of our company.

    The new mailing department will provide the services of getting the mailing done of our customers directly. This service will initially be offered for Brochures, .Catalogs and Newsletters. The mailing department will insert, gather and seal the printed material and save the customer the problems of affixing stamps, handling heavy mail or sticking address labels. The new equipment bought by Bridgetown Printing will reduce the mailing time of our ...

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