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    Online Banking Service: More Pros than Cons

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    Discuss a product or service that you or a family member thought a dud but was successful. Why did you think it not a viable product, what features made it successful, and do you now see previously unrecognized value?

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    One such service would be online banking. Both parents, and several of their adult peers, were not very keen to try out online banking at first. They were hesitant to replace the traditional banking model with an online mechanism. They really valued customer service and the personal contact that came with a banking representative to solve any of their banking issues. Additionally, they assumed that there would be several security issues with online banking and they were fearful of ...

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    This solution looks at a service, which is online banking in this case, that was initially thought of as a soon-to-be failed service, and how customers' perception changed of this service. Essentially, online banking, in the perspective of a few working adults, provides more pros than cons.