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    Marketing Strategies: Over Time, Globally, Changes

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    1. Why would a company choose a particular market strategy over another? Can a company have more than one strategy? Why or why not?

    2. Why would a company change its market strategy over time?

    3. Why do certain countries demand particular market entry strategies?

    4. What ethics issues may arise in conducting business globally?

    5. What differences exist between legal and ethical practices in global business?

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    1. A company chooses a market strategy that highlights and takes advantage of the product's best features, whether it is technological or an improvement. Some market strategies work to draw attention to a product, some for the company image. The image can be seen in the market strategies of monopolies, who promote what they do that benefits the public they work for, though they have no or very limited competition. Showing product value and promoting image are the two major reasons for market strategies, and yes a company can have more than one. Budweiser has several. The sports angles promote the beer for sporting events and targets sports watchers and participants. They also have ads that target responsible drinking. This allows them to promote their product while calling on the public to watch and recognize limits.

    2. Many things can create the need to change marketing strategy. Improvements in the product or changes in the needs and demands of the public are two. ...

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