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Marketing Culture

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What is meant by the term "Marketing culture?" How does marketing culture impact marketing strategy? Example of organization have a "marketing culture?" Explain.

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What is meant by the term "marketing culture?" How does marketing culture impact marketing strategy? Give an example of organization with a "marketing culture". Explain.

Marketing culture refers to an organization's giving importance on the culture of its market before trying to penetrate its potential consumers. The culture is customer-oriented and the organization tries to perform a coordinated set of activities to satisfy its customers' needs which also allows the organization to achieve its goals.

The term 'marketing culture' applies best to international marketing wherein globalization has caused diminishing of national borders due to the spread of information technology and cultural transfers. There is an increase for better products and services and companies have expanded to other countries and have the chance to cater to a different type of market with a different culture. Learning all these, it is where knowledge of marketing culture becomes ...

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Definition of marketing culture and how it impacts marketing strategy. References are included.

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