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    Critique Strategies and recommendations

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    Critique the strategies of this discussion below.
    1.Do they make sense?
    2.Would you do something differently?
    3.Why or why not?

    Each post should be one paragraph in length and must be substantive in nature. Do not simply state whether the strategy fits or not, specify why and be detailed in your explanation. This demonstrates your mastery of the concepts.

    My products are leashes and collars made of hemp for dogs, cats and other pets. This product is currently made by other companies, but I hand weave them myself and sell them at local festivals. I think they are a quality item because they can be thinner or thicker depending on the size of the pet and different sizes can be made to ensure the proper test weight is established for assurance that the hemp rope strands will not break. Additionally, they can be made to order in colors, sizes (length and widths) as designated by the purchaser. Finally, the hemp is not hazardous to the pet if they chew or eat the hemp rope as it is made of natural ingredients that are not treated.

    State your core strategy (which includes the Value Proposition and Product Positioning).
    The value proposition for my products is that my products are all-natural and have a lifetime guarantee. It is important for consumers to be aware that any issue they have with the product will be addressed and a brand new item will be provided free of charge. These products will be reaching out to consumers looking to "go green" and keeping natural items in their lives (Winer, 2007).

    It is imperative to use natural items considering our environment and the devastation thereof. When considering other natural companies, the consumer will see that their products are usually overpriced therefore making it almost hard to use natural items when you do not have extra money to spend. My products are affordable as the materials are low cost and labor is free of charge, to me considering I make each item myself.

    In addition, I have family members that sell the products for me or with me in certain instances. It is helpful to have a strategy that requires minimal funds and allows me to sell my quality products for a lesser price than my competitors. I think my strategy does make sense as this is a time when natural items are in demand and by offering the same or better items at a lower cost; I am already ahead of the game when reaching out to consumers. I would change one thing in my strategy. I would like to use the internet more. By using EBay, I am paying for each item sold online. By setting up my own online store, I would eventually be able to sell more products and save more money on fees.

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    Here are my recommendations:

    For starters, you do not have a core strategy stated. You have a value proposition, but not a core marketing strategy. The core strategy that I would recommend you focusing on is differentiation strategy. This strategy produces goods that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important to them. The concept is to sell nonstandardized products to customers with unique needs. This is key ...

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