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Billboards and Social Media Networking

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1. Try to remember the billboards on your commute to work or school. How many do you think there are? Explain why you remembered any of them. Next time you are on that route, note how many billboards there actually are. Are they effective?

2. You've been asked to create a new social media networking site. What would you name the site and what would you suggest to make it better than existing sites?

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1. Billboards are becoming prevalent than ever before; they are reaching customers from wide demographics in their cars. "Billboards have transformed and now use colorful, digitally produced graphics, backlighting, sounds, movement, and unusual - 3D - images" (Kotler & Keller, 2012, p. 512). Customers have the opportunity to immediately respond to an ad if they feel it is effective. Commuting times have increased, with traffic becoming more congested - as such we spend a lot of times in cars, which makes billboards a powerful medium. On average, I see about 10 billboard ads during my commute to work. These billboards range from car sales, concerts, personal hygiene, traveling/vacationing, insurance, colleges, and banking. Most of the billboard ads are memorable to me because they are eye-catching and create a visual impact on me. A lot of these billboard ads I see are not advertised on television, so they immediately peek my interest and curiosity to see what they are all about. Moreover, the creative messages the bring breaks ...

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This answer provides a discussion on the effective of billboards and advertising. It also discusses different media platforms such as a networking site.

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