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Obesity and Business Ethics vs. Consumer Responsibility

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Take a position on obesity and the business ethic versus consumer responsibly as it pertains to marketing. Please include examples.

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Business point of view:
- Business market food to children, busy families
- Many of the foods that they actually advertise are very high in calories, fat, sodium, but the company won't tell the consumer that
- for example, McDonalds will focus its ad campaign on the joy that children feel when they go to McDonalds, or the nostalgia that adults feel when they go there, because it reminds them of their youth, or it focuses on the continence and economical factor of the ...

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This solution provides an explanation of obesity and business ethics vs. consumer responsibility (with examples).

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Write a paper taking a position on business ethic versus consumer responsibility as it pertains to marketing. It is imperative that you take a stance on the subject and then use your analysis and writing skills to create a persuasive argument defending your position. Examples of consumer responsibility versus business marketing are lawsuits against fast food companies for obesity, smoking campaigns, etc. These are just a few of the many topics that can be used to write your paper. Who is responsible for the end results; Consumers who have the access to information about products and their risks and make the choice to use them or businesses who manufacture and market the products?

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