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Customer Service: customer ready response

A customer has purchased Office 2007 and wants to upgrade to Office 2010 through the Tech Guarantee program. Tech G allows customers to upgrade to Office 2010 if they purchased Office 2007 within a specified date window and have requested an upgrade by October 31, 2010. The customer's request for an upgrade was received on November 5, 2010. He was informed that he missed the cut-off date via an automatically generated e-mail and he is now asking for an exception. He claims that he never received any notification of the expiration date of the program when he originally purchased Office 2007 and he says that he should be granted the upgrade because 5 days shouldn't make a difference to a "huge corporate machine" like Microsoft.

Please write a customer-ready response reiterating to the customer the terms of the Tech G program and that Microsoft cannot legally make exceptions due to the verbiage within the program terms and conditions.

This is an opportunity to showcase your customer service/advocacy experience and skills through a direct interaction with a customer.)

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Dear Customer:

Thank you for purchasing Microsoft Office 2007 and your interest in Microsoft Office 2010 through the Technology Guarantee Program. Requests for Office 2010 products were accepted through October 31, 2010. We regret to ...

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