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"Managing a Crisis Using PR"

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"Managing a Crisis Using PR" Simulation Summary
600-900 -word summary answering the following questions:
a. What does proactive planning mean?
b. What feedback mechanism would be needed when developing and Managing a PR Crisis
c. What is an ineffectual way of deploying this plan? Give some examples of what not to do in this situation.
d. When do you need a proactive crisis management plan?
e. When do you utilize reactive crisis management? What role does PR play in reactive crisis management?

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What does proactive planning mean?

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What does proactive planning mean?

Proactive planning means planning ahead in advance, primarily in order to handle unforeseen events and risks in the future in a better manner. In today's dynamic and fast paced world, companies need to plan in advance so that they can face sudden risks and unforeseen events and ups and downs with comfort and thus, do not get trapped or negatively affected by such risks and unforeseen events.

Proactive planning allows the organizations to gear up for future events in advance and face such events without too much problems and loss.

When do you need a proactive crisis management plan?

Although proactive crisis management is a must today for each and every business due to the uncertain nature of the business environment in today's world, it is especially important for companies that operate in a very uncertain or risky environment and are expected to face crisis now and then.

Proactive crisis management is forecasting potential crises and planning how how to deal with them. Potential crisis that may be forecast can run ...

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