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Strategies in Organizational Leadership

1. Culture
Define culture and explain the terms related to culture. Define and describe ethnocentrism and prejudice. Give personal examples to support your descriptions. Explain the dimension of culture that research has focused on in the past 30 years.

2. Ethical Leadership
Define and describe the principles of ethical leadership. Which two of the five covered (Respects others, Serves others, Shows justice, Manifests honesty and Builds community) do you think are the most important and why?

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I define culture as simply the "way of life" or the "way of doing things" for a particular region, area, household, business, or religious group. The way I simplify ethnocentrism and prejudice is when an ethnic group or culture believes themselves to be superior over another group, culture, or religion. In addition, what is considered "normal" in that particular culture is viewed as the "right way" of doing, being, believing, or thinking.

When I think of personal ...

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The strategies in organizational leadership are examined.