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Leadership Skills - Transformational leadership

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Provide 2-3 specific examples of transformational leadership that you have personally witnessed or are familiar with. Would you characterize these leaders as being charismatic or not? Based on the this weeks readings, how important is charisma to facilitating groups?

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The first of three that come to mind are the former sheriff of the county where I grew up, L.O. Davis. He was specifically the sheriff, but he also was the representative of all things "good ole boy". He took care of the residents and help them, but also let those with limited means or income slide by in terms of illegal activities. There were more moonshine stills and other shady businesses than after he left, but he worked to help those who needed help, even if it was shady. He kept people from losing homes by turning a blind eye and then personally when they needed it. He transformed the county from extremely poor rural to middle class, because he understood the needs of his people. There were no racially charged incidents, few murders, and he put together a team that could track down ...

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Three different transformational leaders and their traits including charismatic leadership style.

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