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How project leaders shape employee behavior

How can project leaders shape employee behavior?

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Managers can shape employee behavior by systematically reinforcing each successive step that moves the individual closer to the desired response. Managers can mold individuals by guiding their learning in graduated steps. Reinforcement increases as responses more closely approximate the desired behavior. Managers may use positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, and extinction to promote this gradual shaping of employee behavior.

When attempting to mold individuals it is imperative to guide their learning in graduated steps, in other words, shaping their behavior (Robins & Judge, 2008, p 29).

There are four methods that leaders use to shape the behaviors of employee's. First, when a project leader uses positive reinforcement as a response to a project task(s) this will shape that employee's behavior to react in the same manner later on another task (Robins & Judge, 2008, p 29). For example, ...

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In this posting I will explain how project leaders shape employee behavior? In addition, there is a full description of all four methods project leaders use to shape employee behavior.