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Challenges in Formulating an Organization's Vision & Mission

Human Resources.

1. What are the challenges in formulating a vision and mission for an organization?

2. Who should be involved in the formulation process?

3. How, once vision,mission and values are developed, can leaders increase the alignment of decisions(short and long term) made in the organization with them.

4. How do leaders promote sustainable increases in performance?

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1) What are the challenges in formulating a vision and mission for an organization?

Formulating a vision and mission is not something that any organization takes lightly as leaders are normally aware of the challenges that such process entails. This is mainly because the organization's vision and mission is the foundation that determines where the organization is going and how it's going to get there. Consequently, formulating a mission and vision requires a lot of planning, developing, practicing, sometimes re-planning, testing, etc...just for the sake of ensuring that everyone involved (stakeholders, employees, etc...) has a clear understanding of what is expected and these individuals are in line with the direction the company is heading. Consequently, the challenges in formulating a vision and mission entail several key areas:

a) The organization must have a clear purpose and be futuristic. The purpose must be realistic and the organization must keep in mind that sometimes that purpose may need to be modified in order for the organization to continue to be effective. For example, the organization's purpose may be to increase the availability of fresh fruits overseas. Let's say somewhere along the way the organization realizes that type of business is no longer profitable. In that case, it may change its purpose to increase the availability of fresh fruits locally. Maybe at a later time the organization will be able to revert to its original purpose. The organization must also ask itself what it has to offer society and what values it is able to pass on to the market.

b) The organization must then ask itself what it will take to create success. It must think about the methods of operation/processes that will need to be put in place in order to carry out its ...

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