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    Foundational Skills for Business Leaders

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    Apply Chaffee's problem-solving approach on page 76 (of the attachment labeled Ch. 2) to the following situation. Respond in approximately four paragraphs):

    Your company manufactures components for a major computer manufacturer. Your products have had some persistent quality issues. The components are items such as on-off switches and other servo-mechanisms that fail before they should. The problem is becoming quite serious and your main customer has threatened to go to another vendor if you cannot fix the problem. Step by step, what do you do to solve the problem? Be very specific and explain why you take each step.

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    In order to correctly resolve this issue, the company must first understand the problem. Using a problem solving approach, we will apply some fundamental steps that will enable us to try and resolve the primary issue before the manufacturing company loses its primary customer.

    Step one will be to identify the core problem. In review of this case, it appears there are some serious flaws with the company's quality department, specifically in regards to their final product quality in their switches and servo mechanisms that they are selling to their customers. So, the first step in resolving this issue that should be taken is to gather quality reject data, customer concerns, and any other relative data that helps to focus on the primary areas of concern. Once this is established, you would then move to step two.

    Step two will be to evaluate our current state and then look for alternatives methods that could help us to improve our overall quality performance. Perhaps the department is ...

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