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Two most difficult responsibilities of a manager

What do you think are the two most difficult responsibilities of a manager? What are the two most important skills and attributes a manager should possess to carry out these responsibilities? Do you think managers can be trained to develop these skills and attributes or are they born with them? Be sure to explain your answers and cite your sources of information.

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The role of a manager will differ from one organization to another. Various academic researchers have attempted to describe and present the ideal role of a manager and define management skills. Mintzberg (2005, p. 50) was at the forefront at such efforts, and divided the role of the manager into three categories, Interpersonal, Informational, and Decisional.

For this paper, I would like to discuss two difficult responsibilities a manager has to contend with. The first is motivating employees, which falls within the Interpersonal category. Motivating employees has received much attention in the literature, and is in fact, the number one academically researched topic in business (Osterloh & Frey, 2000, p. 538). The difficulty of motivation arises from the vast ...

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The solution discusses the two most difficult responsibilities of a manager.