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    Explain Current Leadership Trends

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    There are many theories of what is leadership. This is a short paper that cuts through the myriad of leadership references and offers guidance on leadership trends.

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    Leadership Trends

    Ed Konczal*

    The Leadership Products and Services market includes thousands of books, consultants, courses and seminars. Despite this flood of advice we seem to be still asking, "What is effective Leadership"?

    This is somewhat troubling since we are on the brink of fundamental changes in the economy, business practices and technology. New types of companies are emerging and we need new types of thinking about leadership.

    Business practices, the workplace, skill requirements have changed so much that the business world seems that it has turned upside down - Leadership styles are morphing - command and control is out, organizations are getting flatter, the competitive landscape is chaotic, people are looking for meaningful work, customers are in control.

    Here are some of my observations on "what's happening out there" in leadership changes.

    Communications Slick Slide Presentations Telling Stories
    Key Leadership Characteristic Charisma Integrity
    Stock Grants Executives Only Employees
    Benefits Traditional Work-Life Balance
    Leadership Thought Leaders Drucker, Cotter, Peters, Bennis Hargrove (E-Leader),
    Don Tapscott ...

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    Rapid changes in the business landscape are causing changes in corporate leaders. Summarize these trends.