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    Nokia's Organizational Structure

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    In February 2011, Nokia announced an internal reorganization and it was widely reported. Investors.nokia.com (2011) reported the press release about this change. Research this Nokia reorganization and answer the following Questions:

    Question 1: How would you describe Nokia's new organizational structure?
    Question 2: Does it appear that they are changing their structure altogether or just â??upgradingâ? what they have?
    Question 3: How will these changes help them to execute their strategy?
    Question 4: What current market trends do you feel have affected Nokia so it must reorganize?
    Question 5: Based upon current trends, can you offer any additional changes to their structure that will assist Nokia in executing their strategic plan?

    Please include references.

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    Nokia's new organizational structure places the company in a forward moving competitive environment. As we know technology changes at a rapid pace and if Nokia wants to remain competitive they must continue to put fresh ideas into action. The new organizational structure is a strategic move that will help them reach increase profitability and remain relevant in the mass market mobile phone industry, and high-end smart phone.

    Question 2: Does it appear that they are changing their structure altogether or just ...

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    Review of organizational structure, strategy, and executing strategic plan.