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Characteristics of Leadership in a Crisis Situation

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I need help with thinking of a crisis situation that we are familiar with involving a group, team, organization or country and analyze it in terms of the leader-follower-situation framework. For example, were the followers looking for a certain kind of behavior from the leader? Did the situation demand it? Did the situation, in fact, contribute to a particular leader's emergence?

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An organization I used to work for had many crisis situations, and many probably have not changed upon my leaving many months ago. When I first started working for Afford A Care, I noticed how filthy the house was I used to work nearly seven days a week. One day, I came to work, and nearly fell on the bathroom floor before we changed out shifts. I told the Human Resource Manager about it, and he passed it on to the Director, who is in charge of the houses and community for nursing care. Well, she did something about it; however, the house manager where I was at most of the time failed to take responsiblity, and dumped ...

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This solution provided a crisis situation that was analyzed in terms of the leader-follower situation framework.

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