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    Business Management and Leadership.

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    Read through the Twelve Principles for Managing Change at the following website, http://www.lynco.com/12prin.html.

    Select the two principles you believe are the most important to follow when managing change and describe why you feel these are essential.
    Describe some specific techniques that can be used to manage change in an organization. Explain how these techniques are consistent with the principles you selected.

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    People fear change when it "happens" to them.

    In my experience within the business world "change" is the one constant everyone can expect. Everyone including myself has been affected at some point either directly or indirectly by changes to businesses or organizations. At some point a person and/or their colleagues will experience fear upon learning of change or potential changes to come. How this fear is managed by leadership directly relates to how successful an organization or business is when making changes or modifications.

    A clearly defined vision of the end result enables all the people to define the most efficient path for ...

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    Business management and leadership are discussed after reading through the Twelve Principles for Managing Change.