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Differences Between Leadership and Management & the Effects

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This solution was inspired by the following question, "Explain the differences between leadership and management and how it affects an organization like Kudler Fine Foods?"

It discusses the link between leadership and management and how the two share an intricate relationship and even help shape one another, with one taking precedence over the other.

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Typically, leadership precludes management as the former determines purpose, design and direction, while the latter serves to support and perpetuate the established goals set out by the leadership. One could say that they both share a contiguous relationship with potential overlaps; that is, sometimes, leaders play the role of initial ...

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This solution discusses the intricate relationship between leadership and management and how one might preclude the other and help in its shaping. It is a discussion based upon the business legacy of Kudler Fine Foods and its rather humble origins from a small shop into a larger business chain.

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