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Leadership: Adaptation for Different Cultures

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As leaders work in different cultures, what aspects of their leadership must they proactively look to in order to adapt to each culture? How can they realize the needed changes?

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The most important quality a leader must have, in order to successfully adapt to diverse cultures, is adaptability. Cultural norms vary, and what are considered strong leadership traits in one environment may not be viewed the same in others. Charismatic/transformational leaders have an ability to inspire others and guide them through change (reference). The "stereotype" in many American portrayals of leaders is a professional appearance, often attractive and well-spoken. People are looking for a leader ...

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This solution is about 300 words and includes a reference, thoroughly discussing how adaptability in leadership is essential to success. What is considered typical business exchanges in one culture may be offensive in others. Leaders must be educated to know the differences and ensure no matter where their business takes them, they lead by an example which coincides with cultural norms.

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