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How Cultures Adapt

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How do cultures cope with the unknown? Give some examples to illustrate your point from your textbook.

Can you find any YouTube or online Videos that discuss belief systems?

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the topic provides a discussion of cultural adaptation, in particular how cultures cope with the unknown. The solution also includes a discussion of a bizarre belief system (a cult) as explained and explored in the Youtube video (see link).

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. I have chosen this video as it is a very interesting documentary, albeit short, that looks into the 'mind and beliefs' of the UFO Doomsday cult "Heaven's Gate". This shows POVs of those who were members before the 39 deaths and it is interesting in that it is a constructed belief. I have also listed some more videos in relation to this so that you can put it in further context. If you have any questions just let me know. Good luck.

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Cultural Adaptation

Cultural adaptation is a process of survival. Before this though, we must look back into what culture is. Culture happens within a social setting as it is those practices, language, norms, beliefs, mores, lifestyle, philosophies, systems of knowledge and knowing that is practiced by a group of people. It develops overtime and is a social product, for while people contribute towards it to establish it, the process is both give and take. Human beings as social agents contribute and is affected, influenced, changed and shaped by his/her culture. The longer a particular culture is in practice, the longer it has had the time to establish itself. We have national culture, ethnic culture, corporate culture, underground culture - indeed ...

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