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Hayek's leadership of SMH

This is a case study that I have to do for my leadership course. It only has to be about 2 to 3 pages long. If you go on the internet and type in Hayeks leadership of the company SMH it should describe the case.

This case, like all cases in this course, is used to analyze issues of leadership rather than to solve a problem. SWOT analysis is not useful here. The course so far has introduced several concepts pertaining to leadership, including a framework for the study of leadership which included:

personal traits
power and influence processes
effective and ineffective behaviors or leadership styles (specifically those presented in this lesson)
the effect of the situation - both internal and external
perceptions and characteristics of followers
leaders vs managers
This lesson provided further study of traits and leadership styles. How did each of these aspects bear on Hayek's leadership of SMH? You may find it helpful in your analysis (but not to hand in) to lay out the events described on a time line. Hayek was initially an outside consultant before moving into top management. You may also find it helpful to list on the left side of a piece of paper the various concepts you have read about so far, and then reread the case and note on the right side of the paper points made in the case that relate to those concepts. Do not spend a lot of time/space quoting what is printed in the case. Give me your thinking about the material and how it is related to the course material so far.

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Personal Traits: Hayek had the trait of agreeableness. This is reflected in the decision of the banks to agree to his proposal for a merger between ASUAG and SSIH. Had his approach not been compassionate towards the Swiss Industry, he would not have been able to 'rescue' it. Moreover, he had the trait of being a self-disciplined person, otherwise he would never have been able to provide leadership to the industry. He worked dutifully towards making SMH and his strategy a success. He also had a trait of extraversion. His high energy and positive thinking made him a charismatic leader. Finally, he was open to experience, which is why he agreed to purchase 51 percent of the shares of the merged company SMH for 151 million SFr.
Power and Influence processes: From the perspective of the power and influence Hayek used personal charisma to great effect. He led his employees and later the entire Swiss watch industry with his charisma. He led with abilities, ...

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