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    Human Resource Strategies

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    PART 1

    Conduct a SWOT analysis of the King Company, with emphasis on the HR department. Keep in mind that HR functions do not work in isolation. Just as HR activities are affected by organizational issues, the activities carried out by HR will affect the entire organization. A thorough situation analysis of the King Company and its HR processes is the foundation for the SWOT analysis.

    Develop statements of the company's internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats with emphasis on HR. Submit at least five pertinent entries in each category.

    PART 2

    1. Describe the current relationship between organizational strategy and HR activities at The King Company.
    2. What improvements are needed to the overall relationship between organizational strategy and HR activities?
    3. What should HR's role be in light of low sales numbers and also the fraudulent data?
    4. What needs to be done to improve employee communication methods at King?

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    PART 1
    SWOT Analysis

    - Manufactures all supplies in the US.
    - Currently a non-union
    - Financially speaking, the CFO, Madison, is swift and decisive when making the tough calls to prepare for possible hard times ahead. From a short term income and balance sheet perspective this should keep things stables for the company.

    - King Company's leadership does not seem to treat its employees fairly and thoughtfully. Even though the organization is currently going through a hard time, it must continue to show respect to its employees. In addition, some managers seem to look forward to the layoffs, including the Human Relations Manager, Shaun White. OUCH! This guy is supposed to be an advocate for the employees. Although it is understandable that some employees may be more difficult to handle, this is a culture problem and needs to be addressed by the HR department. It is a management training issue. Sadly it is also an issue in the HR department itself.
    - Another weakness it is the Human Resource leadership of the past, which did not help foster a good overall corporate culture.
    - In addition, there has been favoritism in the past, specifically to Karla Dugas (Benefits Coordinator) from Margo Honduras (a previous HR Director known as ...

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