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    Namibian/South African Firm's Exportation Issues

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    Select three namibian or south african firms manufacturing different products and perform the following:

    - Give a brief background of each firm.
    - Given that company A exports to Saudi Arabia, company B to Germany and company C to China, recommend a foreign entry strategy for each company.
    - Demonstrate how each product would have to be adapted to a foreign market.

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    A) Company #1: ArcelorMittal

    ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited is the largest steel producer on the African continent, with a production capacity of 7.8 million tonnes of liquid steel per annum. The company has a depth of technical and managerial expertise carefully nurtured since 1928, a reputation for reliability and a sharply defined business focus, which has forged the organisation into a modern, highly competitive supplier of steel products to the domestic and global markets. This has been achieved through ongoing alignment with international best practices and a comprehensive understanding of the steel business environment, ensuring the company's continued global competitiveness and participation in international markets. ArcelorMittal's vision is to be the preferred supplier of steel solutions for the development of sub-Saharan Africa and be among the lowest cost producers of steel globally.

    Company #2: AECI

    AECI is an explosives and specialty chemicals company domiciled in South Africa. Group businesses service the mining and manufacturing sectors both locally and internationally. The focus for growth is on Africa, South America and South East Asia. AECI's businesses are characterised by application know-how and service delivery. They often operate in niche markets and are supported by leading technology which is developed in-house or is sourced from international partners. AECI's vision is to be the supplier of choice for customers in its chosen markets. The Group aims to be Africa's ...

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    Namibian and South African firm's exportation issues are defined. A brief background of each firm is determined.