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Racial Divisions in former colonies

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To what extent are the problems facing Brazil or South Africa part of the legacy of racial divisions?(200 words)

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Racial Issues: Brazil and South Africa

Both Brazil and South Africa were once extensive territories of former colonial powers. Brazil, the largest country in South America was once under the Portuguese crown. In the height of its colonial past, much of its people were divided according to ethnicity and race which also corresponded to the social class they supposedly belong to. The African slaves were at the bottom, serving the Portuguese colonists who have settled in the area, owning vast plantations. There were also the native tribes and castes that have embraced colonial power and they served part of the lowest class or the middle class together with the mulattos and the mestizos - half-bloods of Portuguese-African or Portuguese-Native Amerindian blood. The unity ...

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The solution provides a discussion exploring the topic of the legacy of racial divisions as it relates to or affects current issues facing former colonies Brazil and South Africa. resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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