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Benefits of innovation, design & creativity in Meeting Goals

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What are the benefits of innovation, design, and creativity in meeting or improving organizational objectives? What would be the challenges of using innovative thinking in an organization? What is an example of how your organization has benefited from an innovation? If not, what type of innovation would you suggest? Explain.

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This solution provides a example of the benefits of using innovation, design and creativity in meeting or improving organizational goals. This solution is 485 words.

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My organization has an employee suggestion program whereby it solicits innovative ideas from its workforce on how to improve patient care, processes and the environment. Throughout the years, many clinical and administrative professionals have developed techniques and procedures which have greatly benefitted our patients and the organization as a whole.

The benefits of innovation, design and creativity in meeting or improving organizational objectives is not purely financial. The process of change can be liberating for some members of the workforce providing them with a sense of being, accountability and responsibility to the organization, particularly if they played an integral role in the change or if the changes are beneficial to the community.

Innovation is all ...

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