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    Articulating a Mission and Vision

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    Dear OTA, I have attached the back story for my problem; I need 2-3 pages. Please use subtitles for me to follow along and any in text citations and references for me to expand on and follow along. The books I am referencing are:
    Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice
    Author: Peter G. Northouse and
    Strategic Management
    Author: John A. Pearce II, Richard B. Robinson Jr.
    Edition / Copyright: 12th Edition

    I hope you can assist. Please advise if you can assist. Thank you!

    1. I want to write a compelling mission statement and a compelling vision statement for Occulari Optique.

    2. Analyze and explain the most important facts the public and employees need to know and understand about the company.

    3. Analyze and explain the factors that make the company different from its competitors.

    4. Analyze and explain the company's greatest value proposition.

    5. Analyze and identify the key words that best summarize what this company stands for.

    6. Analyze and explain your mission and vision statements and why you formulated them the way you did.

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    This is an outline of your assignment. I used the questions provided to outline a response. I have included a couple of references for guidance. The paper is very good to use to analyze what a mission statement and vision statement accomplishes and if yours will as well. These are just proposed, so please change them to sound as you wish them to.

    Also, you can go to your library and put in the search term: analysis of mission and vision statements. You can do the same at scholar.google.com and find a lot of other articles that you can narrow your interests with and apply them as you need.

    Occulari optique

    I want to write a compelling mission statement and a compelling vision statement for Occulari Optique.

    Vision Statement: Occulari Optique is focused on the highest quality and standards for employees and customers including respect, encouragement, and responsibility for both.

    Mission Statement: Occulari Optique will provide for employees and customers, the highest quality products and services. The company is passionate about offering employees the best work experience with benefits to encourage respect and values equally high from our employees. ...

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