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Improving Board and CEO Relations

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Some organizations have a 'revolving door' of management turn-over. There are some 'red-flags' that can indicate problems in a relationship between the Board and CEO.

Here are some "red-flag" situations to watch for:
A chief executive who controls the agenda/information and frustrates the Board and then offers to set policy and plans.
A Board that has an unreasonable set of expectations and then offers little in the way of guidance and support.
Board that is fractious and has trouble articulating a unified vision for the organization.
A Board that engages in micro-managing, rather than concentrating on long-term issues and leaving implementation and day-to-day management to staff.

Identify what method or activity could be initiated to unify the Board, bringing the Board together for the good of the organization.

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One method that could be initiated to unify the board, is to provide the board with a well-developed mission statement that would spell out to the board the overall goals of the organization, as well as ...