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    Environmental Policy Statement for Glade

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    Develop an environmental policy statement for Glade. The policy statement must have the following components:

    1. Basic policy statement
    2. Justification for the policy
    3. Those to whom the policy applies
    4. How the policy is to be implemented
    5. Who is responsible for implementing the policy
    6. How the policy will be evaluated
    7. Guidelines of the policy

    JUST DO ,5,6,7

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    Who is responsible for implementing the policy?
    1. Making products that are good for the environment: The responsibility is with the R&D department and its leader. The R&D objectives are set jointly by the CEO and the R&D department.
    2. Conserving the planet's critical resources: The policies of Glade are formed by its Board and CEO no conservation measure is implemented without the approval of the Board; the responsibility is then delegated to the department head. For instance, the divisional head of Pledge is expected to implement new environment friendly policies of Glade.
    3. Improving its pest control products to 'protect families"; the responsibility for improving products like repellant is the responsibility of the ...

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