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Business Scrabble

Concepts In Action: Business Scrabble

The job of the PR professional involves dealing with words, articulating and framing situations in specific ways and managing and leading a key business function. Take the following alphabetized words and reorder them in such a way as to show their relationship to one another. You have many options, you may reorder them from general to specific, or by who uses them form top of the organization to the bottom, in terms of the order in which they are used in a business process. After you have reordered the list, please add one or two sentences next to each word, indicating what you think the term means and why you think it fits in the place you have placed it. These are some of the most misused/misunderstood words in business, so it is not easy as it sounds!

Please physically create a NEW list by re-ordering the items. Please do not simply place number next to the list without reordering the list. Also, please place your response at the TOP of your post not below the question --its easier to read that way. Note the responses of others, and defend your position in class discussion.


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Lead: The leader of an organization leads it. He has a vision.
Vision: The vision is a concise manner provides the long term direction to the organization.
Mission: The mission defines what the organization is now, it focuses on the problems it has today, its customers and gives its current level of performance.
Objective: These are the abstract ideas that will advance the business or a project. For, example an object can be to improve the quality of services provided.
Strategy: In order to achieve these objectives you need a strategy. This is the selection and application of resources both financial and strategic that would give the company competitive advantage.
Plan The plan gives a summary of the activities for a given period of time that will allow the ...

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