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This post addresses the attributes of a good resource.

What is a Good Resource?

List three resources and the attributes of a good resource.

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Resources are the factors and considerations that enable the business or organization in performing their activities. Good resources are the building blocks of all businesses. When management properly uses resources, it allows processes to become smoother, managerial functions to excel, and allows for the continued growth and development of the business.

One of the best resources for all businesses, regardless of industry, is for businesses to use SCORE. It is by far one of the most common business resources currently used by small and mid-sized companies and has also been used, although less frequently, by larger companies. SCORE stands for the Service Corps of Retired Executives. When a SCORE team is called in to the business, it acts as a resource and service for the business without charge. SCORE teams are all volunteer retired executives, managers, and other business professionals who were very successful in their own careers.
The team develops strategic goals, objectives, and plans based on the current state of each area in the business. The objective is to grow the business and to develop processes that ...

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The solution provides a very detailed discussion examining good resources. Three resources are provided along with explaining the attributes of a good resource.