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    Reward system for human service organizations

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    Create an employee reward system for a human services organization.
    ? Write a paper detailing the methods to determine what aspects of the work should be monitored and rewarded.
    ? Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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    //Before writing about the 'Employee Reward System', we have to understand the importance of reward system for Human Service Organizations. We will discuss about the employee reward system and the programs to be included by the Organization in the system.//

    Reward system for human service organizations

    Improving the performance of the employees and the quality of the work is one of the main concerns of a human service organization in a competitive business environment. Rewarding and recognizing employees is considered as an important motivating factor that changes their work habits and key behavior, which in turn will benefit the organization in every respect.

    Employee reward systems are the programs that a company uses to reward the performance of the employees and to motivate them on individual as well as group levels.

    The rewards are generally considered to be different from the salary or wages given to the employees or workers but they might be monetary. Nowadays, small organizations have also started making use of the rewards and incentives to retain and motivate top employees. This is because of the fact that there has been an increasing competition in the market and there is a demand for capable and efficient employees. So, the companies are also taking appropriate actions to hire good people and maintain them. (Silva)

    A reward can be anything that can attract an employee's attention and stimulate him to work. An incentive plan has the following features:

    Ø An incentive plan may consist of both monetary and non-monetary elements. Mixed elements can provide the diversity needed to match the needs of individual employees.

    Ø The timing, accuracy and frequency of incentives are the very basis of successful incentive plans.

    Ø The plan requires that it should be properly communicated to the employees to encourage individual performance, provide feedback and encourage redirection.

    These features affect the suitability and design of the incentives to varying degrees. The effective use of the incentives depends on three variables - the individual, work situation and the incentive plan.

    //After analyzing the importance of employee reward system for a Human Service Organization, we will discuss about the various aspects of work that should be monitored and rewarded. We will also discuss the different components of rewards, such as intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards. It will assist in ...

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