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Obstacles and Opportunities due to Retirement of Employees

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From the eActivity, discuss at least two of the eight obstacles and opportunities that best address an agency's challenge of 45% of its workforce retiring in the next 36 months. Provide a rationale for your views.

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Obstacles and Opportunities due to Retirement of Employees

In this case study, the organization is facing a massive reduction in its senior workforce over the next 3 years via retirements. This can be a major obstacle to overcome unless the company has put in place some strategic plans that can counterbalance this reduction in force and turn the obstacle into an opportunity. This can be achieved through the practice of implementing work redesign.
According to the authors in this case study, work redesign has eight distinct obstacles and opportunities that will impact the outcome of the organizations future. This case study is focused on all aspects of HR strategic planning as related to the redesigning processes that commonly occur in trying to improve on the current and future states of a business. However, two of these obstacles / opportunities would best apply to the situation facing our organization and their loss of 45% of their workforce in the next 3 years (Michael, Troy, Frederick, & Jennifer, 2005).

The two obstacles we will apply to this situation are:
• Obstacle # 1: Work Design Influences Multiple Outcomes
• Obstacle # 7: New Jobs Need to Be Created as Part of Growth or Downsizing
From review of these two obstacles, the following aspects will be applied to help our organization overcome the heavy losses that are going to occur in experience and manpower over the next three years.

Obstacle # 1: Work Design Influences Multiple Outcomes
According to Campion and Thayer (Campion & Thayer, 1985), there are four basic approaches to work design; Mechanistic, motivational, perceptual, and biological. Each of these four approaches focuses on achieving a distinct set of outcomes based on the ...

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The obstacles and opportunities due to retirement of employees are examined.