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    HR: Terminating Employees

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    1) To confirm that the supervisor's claims are true, who will you contact? What questions will you ask? What precautions should you take to assure that your investigation is confidential and legally defensible?

    2) Review the documentation available related to this case. Is there enough documentation in place based on discipline policy and your experience as an HR manager? Explain.

    3) Assume that the termination is warranted. Managers typically hold termination meetings at The Daily Review but it is not unheard of for the HR department to conduct this meeting. Given the available information, who should conduct the meeting? What steps will you take to prepare the manager and/or yourself for this meeting? Prepare an agenda for the termination meeting.

    4) The Daily Register has some guidelines for severance packages, benefits, and outplacement services, but they are very informal and typically decided upon on a case-by-case basis. In this situation, what would you recommend for Jeanette?

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    To confirm that the supervisor's claims are true I would contact data processing to look at the sales data. I would want a record of Jeanette's sales, and also the department sales for comparison. I would also request this from the supervisor. I would instruct both the DP department and the Sales Manager to keep my request confidential. However, it would be reasonable to confirm data so there is nothing wrong with checking data.

    There is enough documentation based on the discipline policy to suspend the employee. According to Exhibit 12.3.5 an employee will be given a verbal warning, which is signed ...

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    This detailed solution discusses a case dealing with termination of an employee and HR's need to confirm the supervisor's claims are true prior to termination. In addition it discusses how to make sure terminations are confidential, legally defensible, documentation on hand, who should conduct termination, how to prepare for terminating an employee, and suggestions for severance packages, benefits, and outplacement services for terminated employee.