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    Current Legal Issues: Human Resource Management

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    Details: Over the years, there has been much debate over the classification of "Employment at Will" employees. "Employment at Will" is a term that refers to the protection applied to the employment relationship, where the employer or the employee has the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time.

    Elora Jean & Co. is experiencing tremendous growth both in its production division as well as its two non-union satellite offices. As the HR legal consultant, you are concerned with the manner in which union and non-union employees are terminated. You want to ensure the company understands the rights it has to terminate an employment relationship. On the other hand, you want to be sure Elora Jean & Co. is aware of the protection laws surrounding employment termination.

    An additional challenge is found within the union environment. The union contract requires employees to be terminated only for "just-cause."

    With these issues in mind, what recommendations would you offer to Elora Jean & Co. to help position them for terminations that will not present legal risk yet enable the company to terminate employees who are not contributing to the success of the organization? What process will the company need to follow, and how can they be prepared to support the termination decision?

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    Before giving the recommendation to the company, we have to understand the situation given in the scenario. We should understand what issues are arising in the company. So we will write about the situation under the heading of introduction.


    Human Resource Management is a significant part of an organization. It is very important for looking after the supply and demand of manpower in an organization. The management can decide about the termination of the employees only if the demand and supply forecast is done accurately. An organization will always strive to give entry to new employees if the existing ones are not performing well. There is a possible legal challenge attached to the termination of an individual employee. But if an employer reserves the right to terminate employees without cause, i.e. an "at-will", the employer does not need to worry about such legal challenges (Halloran & Jack, 1998).

    Above we discussed the situation and now we will give some recommendation to the company as per our knowledge about the management legal aspects to manage HR successfully. This material will be beneficial for you to support your views to complete the paper.

    Recommendations for the Company

    If the company wants to terminate the employees ...

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