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    HR Legally Compliant Policy

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    Analyze the scenario please.

    Access to Personnel Files

    Information for employees relating to their employment will be kept in one file.

    Personnel files are the property of Company XYZ. Supervisors and management officials who have verifiable reasons to review the files may do so. Employees may review their files at any time during business hours. Information in the personnel file will be retained and maintained by the HR department and will not be disclosed without a release of information or judicial order.

    Employees who question the accuracy of information in their personnel file can request the removal through HR.

    1. Develop a new policy that ensures the organization is legally compliant.

    2. Summarize how the new proposed policy supports either the strategic or operational role in maintaining a compliant work environment.

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    1. Develop a new policy that ensures the organization is legally compliant.

    According to the new policy the personnel information of the employees will remain confidential in the personnel files maintained by the HR department of the company. The files and the information contained in them will not be made available to any person or firm except for the situations mentioned in the policy.

    The information in the personnel files of the employee will be made available to the direct supervisor of the employee or authorized management personnel if they produce authorization from suitable authority.

    The persons that intend to access personal information have to state in their requisition the reasons why they want to access employee information. The files will be available to these personnel only during office hours.

    The employee whose files are maintained may access and peruse their files during office hours after filling ...

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    This solution discusses how to develop a new policy that ensures the organization is legally compliant and summarizes how the proposed policy supports the strategic role in maintaining a compliant work environment.