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Attracting Talent Globally- HR Strategy

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Discuss the options for building a reputation for recruiting talent in a country that is not your home base. As an HR manager assigned to an overseas office, how could you promote your organization and establish the reputation of your company in this market? Think of the various activities involved in recruiting new employees face-to-face.

Are there different social activities that you could use to promote your company informally and set up a network for finding applicants? Are there ways to learn more about the culture of the host country in order to be more effective recruiting? Respond specifically for the industry sector you selected in the post titled: "Making an Industry."

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In addition to the aggressive marketing campaign, the HRM can establish informal but very effective social networks that help to reach out to the targeted area and promote the company's intentions and help provide consumer information, hiring information, and help answer general questions from the public to help establish credibility. Some of the most popular methods to utilize would be establishing facebook and Twitter accounts that are open to the general public (Zeisser, 2010).

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As the HRM in a new country where your organization is just starting to emerge, getting your reputation positively established is a critical component for success. The strategy for promotion of the business will consist of various tactics. Similar to face to face recruiting, the art of establishing the business's reputation will be through your ability to "sale" your company to those whom you make contact. This is especially true for our company which sales coffee to consumers. Our success will be dependent on the amount of people and the markets we can positively contact. One key strategy would be to engage our marketing manager and work together to establish proactive and cost effective advertising in the local and regional markets you're entering. The marketing department can help with analyzing specific areas ...

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