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    PR Campaign

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    Please help me write about the following for a PR campaign:

    a. Globalization consideration (300 words)
    b. A crisis management plan (300 words)

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    a. Gobalization consideration (300 words)

    In considering the reality of global PR, we should remember that it is complex, not simple. The tension and balance between the power of international and the power of local is an old theme. One lesson is clear: global and local always coexist and have always been intertwined. History shows that one does not necessarily lead to the demise of the other. Globalization is complex and multilayered and it is perilous to forget that.

    The first step in understanding the reality of the globalization of PR is that some of the key players now are no longer capable of being understood within the confines of traditional national boundaries. It's not just that they act internationally; they act supranationally. Their psychology, their thinking and even their cultures are becoming truly global.

    The real challenge for PR is to help organizations bridge that which is global and that which is local. Unfortunately, there is no magic template for doing this. What there is, instead, is a steadily growing body of wisdom that comes from doing it, day in and day out, in numerous markets around the world.

    Today, global campaigns do not come from some NASA-like Mission Control center. Instead they originate from any corner of the world. And once ...

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    In considering the reality of global PR, we should remember that it is complex, not simple.