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    Globalization and company culture

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    Do you think company culture is an indicator of the ability to perform well globally?
    Please provide details and examples.

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    How do you manage people if you're in Asia, Europe, and the United States?
    Researchers have found the best strategy is to move away from command and control to a very value-based organization: You put in good systems to distribute information, and then you socialize your staff on how to manage the business. The only way you can do that is by hiring people who have the talent and the right values. Well-run startups have shown that you can build very successful businesses around those cultures and principles. That's a massive transformation from the old way of managing businesses, and it's one that big companies are really struggling with because they're putting these tools in people's hands without effecting the underlying culture change.

    The Global 50 are the fastest-growing companies operating in multiple countries. InformationWeek and its sister publication Optimize magazine ranked them on the basis of year-over-year growth as a percentage of revenue. They only looked at companies that reported 2004 year-end fiscal results on or before March 1, 2005, reveal both international and domestic revenue contributions, and are U.S.-based companies that operate both in the U.S. and outside of North America.

    Working with public data such as SEC filings, Reuters (reuters.com) provided InformationWeek Research with corporate information and financial data estimates that resulted in the Global 50 list.

    Rank Company Industry Total revenue in 2004 (in millions) YOY* Int. Rev. Growth % YOY Total Rev. Growth % % Int. Rev 2004 % U.S. Rev 2004
    1 Yahoo! Inc. Computer Services $3,574 241% 120% 26% 74%
    2 Andrew Corp. Communications Equipment $1,839 81% 81% 49% 51%
    3 The Greenbrier Companies Transportation Equipment & Services ...