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Globalism & Organizational Management

How would you explain a company's decision to employ centralized decision-making processes and decentralized control processes, considering the two are so interconnected? Provide and industry example of where this may occur.

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According to www.itchybraincentral (2010) in a world that is being made smaller and more complex by the process of globalization and advancements in communication technology, organizations must reinvent their own systems of management while acclimating to changes. According to these authors, communication, in the 21st century, is so sophisticated that worldwide organizational activity can be centrally managed from the headquarters unit. However, according to this site, just as easily management can be decentralized so that maximum efficiency can be won with the careful delegation of responsibility. The question to be answered, according to your questions, when globalization and advanced methods of communication leave top decision makers within an organization with more options than ever before, 'what are the benefits of centralized and decentralized management'?

According to www.itchybraincentral (2010) there are advantages with both centralized and decentralized systems of management, and that decentralization is more complex. For example, according to this site is decentralization must occur with certain decisiveness if it is to be beneficial rather than harmful. According to this author, the necessary decisiveness, specifically, is the ability ...

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This essay-style solution discusses the advantages of both decentralized and centralized systems of business management (e.g. organizational management); for example, decentralization must occur with certain decisiveness in order for it to be beneficial rather than harmful. This solution is 685 words with two references and in-text citations.