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Octavia's Market Research

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Attached case - Educating Octavia.

1. What market research has Octavia done?
2. What else could she be doing in her market research?
3. How well is she using her market research information?
4. Does Octavia's product line make sense? Why/Why not?
5. Does her distribution strategy make sense? Why/Why not?
6. How could she use her relationship with Ocean Spray?
7. What other ways could she get customer (stores) feedback?
8. What other ways could she get consumer feedback?
9. Is Octavia a "Qualified Entrepreneur" ?

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1. What market research has Octavia done?
Octavia has done secondary research by subscribing to trade journals to learn how specialty foods were bought, sold, packaged, and processed. Octavia did primary research by direct observation. "She made the rounds, noting what was on the shelf and how it looked". She asked a lot of questions and got free advice. Even though Randolph had no budget for the research, she invested a lot of effort in interviewing food people and got expert advice from food business people. She used the expert opinion of Pepin.

2. What else could she be doing in her market research?
She should first have considered the secondary data that easily have got from published sources. Only for that information that she did not get from published sources should she have designed primary research. She should have systematically taken a sample of stores to be interviewed. She should have designed an interviewing instrument and tested it. Then she should have conducted the interviews, analyzed the data and interpreted it. This would have given her more valid and reliable information.
3. How well is she using her market research information?
She is using her market research information moderately. In case of design of the packaging she used her sense to avoid the white labels and ...

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