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    Identify attributes of successful entrepreneurs. Who are the stakeholders in a company and how does management meet their needs?

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    Identify what attributes do successful entrepreneurs possess. Which attribute do you feel is the most important and why?

    Who are the stakeholders in your place of employment or in a company with which you are familiar? What are their wants and needs? How does management meet their needs? What difficulties arise in balancing the needs of the various stakeholders?

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    Entrepreneurs in my opinion are strong leaders that posses the wherewithal to persuade individuals to follow their lead from one direction to another. In most cases entrepreneurs are the individuals that takes one concept or idea and makes consistent strides to build upon that concept or idea in an effort to establish a lucrative feat in a particular industry. Some of the most pertinent attributes an entrepreneur should possess revolves around his or her ability to listen to, understand, and communicate with people who may be impacted by managerial decisions. Entrepreneurs are often considered as individuals who are capable of being self-motivated and goal oriented. For instance if he or she decides to transition from one career to another one and has no desire to continue to function as an employee and desires to begin his or her own organization, then he or she is more likely to conduct the necessary research and make the necessary steps to move forward and to work towards leadership opportunities. Entrepreneurialism is primarily about moving forward, and refusing to take "no" for an answer. Most entrepreneurs realize that they will receive several "no's" before they receive one "yes." For instance, in sales rejection is the norm, however an entrepreneur understands that to be successful rejection is inevitable but it cannot be a deterrent that hinders or stifles progress or performance.

    In my opinion a successful entrepreneur possesses the following attributes:

    1. People oriented-if an entrepreneur wants to be successful then he must identify with the people by ...