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Stakeholders and Sustainability Analysis

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1. How would you identify organization stakeholders and how to conduct a stakeholder analysis for American Red Cross?
2. How can you evaluate the organization from multiple sustainable perspectives, including financial considerations, positive community outcomes, and innovation.

Thanks for any assistance. Also can you provide scholarly references please.

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1. How would you identify organization stakeholders and how to conduct a stakeholder analysis for American Red Cross?

Stakeholders are all those that have an interest in the success or failure of an organization. These include those involved in the management, the staff, users, shareholders or donators, government, other agencies, other organizations, suppliers, distributors, and the list can go on and on. This is especially true of an organization like the Red Cross. These stakeholders can vary from wealthy to the poorest, most desperate on the planet. One might say, in the organization the stakeholders are every person in the world.

Determining the stakeholders means looking at the organization, the product or service it provides, and who benefits from it. One also has to look at who regulates it, and others it works with. Stakeholders might have varying degrees of interest, but each is important. Looking at the pre-service/production, processes within the organization, funding sources, and post service/production all play a part in how the stakeholders are identified.

First step in the analysis is to identify all the people ...

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This solution provides a review of the needs of stakeholders, how to identify their needs, and how to identify the needs for sustainability with real-life examples.

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