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Investigating a business commitment and performance

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Walt Disney Company
Investigate Walt Disney Company commitment and performance in sustainable business:
Write a 600-word paper in which you:
Explain why sustainability is important for financial success.

Evaluate the selected business in terms of sustainability, addressing the following:

• Identify its financial and non-financial stakeholder.
• Describe how economic and non-economic business decisions may negatively or positively affect stakeholders.

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The response addresses the queries posted with references.

//The following discussion is based on the investigation of Walt Disney Corporation to evaluate its degree of commitment and performance in financial sustainability. As per directions, firstly, we will discuss about the importance of sustainability for financial success. You are free to add more in this part as per your knowledge.//

Sustainability means the capability for continuance in the long run. It means maintaining the existing standards and status for the survival. In today's competitive environment, sustainability is highly crucial for the financial success and overall business growth. Sustainability is important for financial success because it brings a lasting environment for the success of business and also provides a platform for making sound decisions in present times and can avoid choice limitation for future (Swallow, 2009). In addition to this, it creates the brand, reputation and goodwill in consumer's mind, which will directly lead in capturing a high market share and eminent profits.

Furthermore, sustainability influences the perception of the Stakeholders (Pattberg, 2011) and thereby it would be easy to improve the market image and turn up net revenues and lastly profits. Besides that, sustainable position also supports the business organizations in retaining the current customers and approaching prospective customers, which will ultimately raise profits and build a strong financial position in the market. Overall, sustainability is important for financial success as it strengthens relationship with the stakeholders, ...

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The expert examines investigating a business commitment and performance. The response addresses the queries posted in 300+ words with references.

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